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Through our in-depth research and experiments, we have discovered that Korean food is actually very similar to Malaysian food; they just have a #SeoulAwesome twist!
Don’t believe us? See for yourself - start with a Malaysian dish and find the Korean dish that matches it!
If you pass all the levels, you get a special voucher from us - and THEN you’ll know that we were right all along ;) Keep playing to get ALL 6 special vouchers that we have in store for you!
How to play
1. Start with a Malaysian dish..
In this example, Ayam Goreng Pedas is shown.
2. Scroll until you find the matching Korean dish.
3. If you get it wrong, you can try again.
4. When you get it right, you can move on to the next level!
5. When you’ve completed all the levels, congratulations!
Fill in your name and email address, and we will send you your special voucher!